MOTT THE HOOPLE to release a 6 CD box-set of all of their recordings for the Island Record

Mental Train (The Island Years 1969 – 1971) brings together all of their albums from this period.

The box-set also includes bonus material plus BBC sessions and live concerts.

The studio albums have all been remastered from the original tapes by renowned engineer Andy Pearce and are complemented by bonus tracks selected by Mott the Hoople expert Kris Needs.

Of particular interest for Mott fans, Disc 5 comprises more unheard and, in some cases, unreleased music from the Island archive.

Whilst Disc 6 rounds everything off with live material recorded at Fairfield Hall, Croydon on 13th September 1970.

There is also a BBC Radio One In Concert show included from the Paris Theatre, London on 30th December 1971. 

The CDs are housed in a shoe box style package with a 50-page booklet designed by Phil Smee; who scoured the archives for rare photos and memorabilia of the band.

Queen guitarist Brian May commented: “Mott would swing relentlessly and unstoppably into their show every night like a marauding band of outlaws.

“Every night there was something close to a riot; the kids couldn’t get enough. Ian Hunter – the unwritten boss – would plant himself centre-stage, behind his shades, and dare anyone to remain seated.”

Queen supported Mott The Hoople during their 1973 & 1974 tours.

Here is the link to the new version of ‘Rock and Roll Queen’:


Disc Titles:

Disc One: Mott the Hoople plus bonus tracks

Disc Two: Mad Shadows plus bonus tracks

Disc Three: Wildlife plus bonus tracks

Disc Four: Brain Capers plus bonus tracks

Disc Five: The Ballads of Mott The Hoople

Disc Six: It’s Live and Live Only