PS5 release date: When is PlayStation 5 coming out? Latest PS4 and Xbox One news

It seems like it might be a while before we learn the big news about the next PlayStation announcement.

But there’s still plenty of reports being shared about Sony’s next major launch.

This week saw more PS5 release date news shared, this time connected with a possible code name for the new console.

A hidden code found by fans in Unreal Engine 4 sparked rumours of a connection to the PS5.

The name Erebus was discovered as a possible code name for a new console, which fitted in nicely with an older one used by Sony.

Project Morpheus was used for the PlayStation VR, so why not Erebus for the PS5?

Well, as good as an idea as it sounded, Epic Games has been the ones to clear up the matter.

And it doesn’t look like it has any connection to the PlayStation 5 release date.

Fortnite developer Arjan Brussee confirmed on Twitter that Erebus was the code name used by them for the Nintendo Switch version of Fortnite Battle Royale.

“FYI references to ‘Erebus’ in UE4 code only refer to the codename for the Switch version of @FortniteGame before we announced it,” Brussee explains on Twitter.

There’s no reason to believe that this is a bluff from Epic Games, so it doesn’t appear to be new evidence for the PS5.

Sony isn’t expected to make a big PlayStation announcement in 2018 regarding their next hardware line.

In fact, PS5 release date news might not even drop in 2019, depending on what Microsoft has planned.

The latest estimates predict 2020 as the most likely time for PlayStation to replace the successful PS4 and PS4 Pro console range with something new.

This is based on how Sony has been talking about their upcoming projects and plans they have for the current-gen.

And as fans continue to speculate over the PS5, one primary developer may have revealed the release date window for the successor to the PS4.

Infinity Ward has posted a new job listing which looks to be for a position working on Call of Duty 2019.

Recent COD reports suggest next year’s Call of Duty will have a campaign mode.

This will mark a return for single-player mode as Black Ops 4 (which is coming out later this year) will have a focus on online multiplayer.

But the job listing reveals that the unannounced title will be for “multiple next-gen platforms”.

This suggests the 2019 Call of Duty is planned to be released on the PS5 and the next Xbox, which has been codenamed, Scarlett.

Call of Duty games typically releases around October or November each year.

Microsoft could also have a massive impact if they decided to do things differently from their rivals.

Remaining flexible on release dates could help the Xbox Two – or Project Scarlett – do well against the PS5.

An earlier than expected launch date comes with its own risks, and also some massive rewards.

Managing to beat the PS5 onto the market could pay dividends, although it’s unlikely that Sony would remain stationary.

A race between the two console makers wouldn’t be that surprising as having the first device on the market is known to bring huge benefits.