Bliss is one of the biggest superstars in the women’s division thanks to her impressive talent and stunning mic skills that have established her as one of the best heels in the company.

However, The Goddess wasn’t always as smooth as she had a rather embarrassing first conversation with WWE Executive Vice President of Talent, Live Events and Creative Triple H.

The five-time women’s champion told Sam Roberts on NotSam: “My tryout — I was asked why I wanted to be in WWE. Mind you my tryout, I had submitted a video.

“I was apparently the only person that submitted my own video to get the tryout and it was a casting call and there’s all these models walking around and I texted my mum like, ‘Well I’m not making it.’ I texted my mum and I was like, ‘I’m five foot, these girls are Hollywood models walking around.’

“They told us to do something to make you stand out and I remember thinking of American Idol people making themselves look like idiots so I wasn’t gonna do that.

“So I was asked why I wanted to be in WWE and just to get the attention — because I was a fan too, you know what I mean? Like, I walked in and I saw Triple H and I said, ‘Oh my God do you know you’re Triple H?’ Oh, that was me — totally me. I did that.

“I remember these other girls in the tryout being like, ‘I’ve no idea who this guy is.’ And I almost had a heart attack — ‘Oh my God, you’re Triple H. Did you know you’re Triple H and you’re in the same room as me?’ Very embarrassing.

“But they asked me why I wanted to be in WWE. And to stand out I said, ‘I really want to be Tinker Bell at Disney and I’m hoping this gets my foot in the door.’”

Bliss struggled to stand out at NXT as a top competitor alongside the likes of Sasha Banks, Charlotte Flair and Bayley.

But The Goddess reinvigorated her character after being drafted to Smackdown in 2016 and became Smackdown Women’s Champion twice.

Little miss Bliss’ success continued on RAW where she won the RAW Women’s Championship three times and also became the second ever Ms Money in the Bank.

Bliss wrestled at WrestleMania 33 and 34 as champion but lost the title to Naomi and Nia Jax respectively.

She is now embroiled in a heated rivalry with UFC legend and RAW Women’s Champion Ronda Rousey, who dethroned her at SummerSlam in dominating fashion.

The two RAW superstars are set to have a rematch at Hell in a Cell on September 16 at the AT&T Center in San Antonio, Texas.

Rousey also made Bliss tap out during a live event at The O2 in London two nights ago in a match where the challenger got a lot more offence.


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