Fortnite cube: What is the purple cube on Fortnite? What to do if you see the cube

One of Fortnite’s latest events saw a rocket punch a rift in the sky over the main map, which has until recently been changing.

The rift has been releasing a steady stream of sand, visible from the battle bus or from the desert.

And now there’s a cube which has materialised on the map, which has taken residence in Paradise Palms.

The mysterious addition has come at a time when the rift has taken leave from the Fortnite map.

What is the purple cube?

The purple cube magically appeared in Paradise Palms earlier last week on August 25, sparking instant curiosity.

Initially, the cube sat in place at the Paradise Palms, but has since begun to track carefully across the map.

Rotating at a rate of one revolution every hour and 43 minutes, no-one knows where it will end up.

The cube is covered in a swarm of so far undecipherable symbols, and has been changing appearance since it first materialised.

The purple cube has been changing since it first appeared, and has set down a number of effects.

At the moment, the cube is generating a gravity field around it, which began earlier this week on August 28.

In addition to generating the gravity field, the base has begun to turn pink.

Fortnite players hoping to investigate the new feature to the map may be in for some unexpected effects however.

What should you do if you see the cube?

The cube is interacting with players that come to investigate in both harmful and useful ways.

Those who come up to the Cube will see their shields slowly recharge as they approach.

A separate effect sees the cube useable as a jump pad, launching players who try to land on top into the air.

As is tradition with any new and strange additions to an online shooter, many people who have seen the cube have taken to hitting it.

Apparently, those who decide to hit the cube with a melee weapon multiple times will see it retaliate, harming the player in return.

Using a gun on the site will see players hit with a shock causing 30 damage.

If you decide to stand in the way of the cube as it progresses through the map, you could be killed instantly, as the cube will destroy anything which stands in its path.