Fall Movie Guide, 2018

Yorgos Lanthimo/Twentieth Century Fox, Annapurna Pictures, Universal Studios, Warner Bros.

We get it, August is like the Sunday of summer. 

But, not to worry! We’ve constructed a list of upcoming films to help you get past those summer blues. From animated takes on classic stories such as The Grinch to directorial debuts from Jonah Hill and Matthew McConaughey, we can confidently say that there are indeed many reasons to get excited for fall, besides of course those pumpkin spice lattes. 

We’ve included all the genres which comprise of horror films like the 1977 remake of Suspiria starring Dakota Johnson to documentaries like Love, Gilda which follows the life of the first-ever SNL cast member. 

Since we’re all being forced to spend a lot less time at the beach, go ahead and grab those comfy oversized sweaters and be prepared to spend a lot more time at the movie theater!

Take a look at the gallery to preview all of the fall movies!

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