The earthquake hit Coquimbo, Chile at 2.25pm BST today.

It struck 65km from the town of San Felipe and 105 km from Quillota.

The earthquake measured 5.1 magnitude at a depth of 106.4km.

One witness said on Twitter: “I felt it in Valparaiso now in 4th floor, the building started to sound and also it was long, the earthquake lasted 15-20 seconds.”

The earthquake was felt across Chile, with locals from towns far away saying they felt tremors.

A total of 28 residents in Chile experienced the earthquake’s aftermath, according to USGS, as the 5.1 earthquake struck the region.

One local from the Cordillera province of San Felippe said: “I had to evacuate the building where I work.”

Another local from Santiago, 168km from where the earthquake struck, said: “Very slight movement on 9th floor. Lasted around 10 seconds.”

One resident from Santiago also said: “The doors were moved in the Portal la Reina.”

At 11.26pm BST today, a 4.3 magnitude earthquake struck Chile, 21km from Salamanca.

The tremors were felt across Chile and Argentina, as residents panicked for their safety.

Just a day before, a 4.8 maginute earthquake hit Chile’s coast, 6km from La Ligua.

A total of 6 consecutive earthquakes have struck Chile in the past week, with 3 in Argentina and 1 in Peru.


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