Beach volleyball is a sport which is growing in popularity all over the world. Not only are people increasingly watching and following the sport, but more people are taking part and playing it. Beach volleyball is already an Olympic sport and its continuing position as a leading ball sport is positioning it as one that really is growing.

Clubs and teams are being formed in every country, and players are enjoying the sport from young ages. Professionals are doing their part to promote the sport too, in person, and online via news and tutorials.

If you want to join in and try beach volleyball, then all you have to do is get down to the beach and play! Even a simple game, with your friends and a ball, will give you a taste of how much fun this sport is. The equipment is not expensive, and often, there will be volleyball courts set up on popular beaches, so you’ll be able to join in very easily.

Beach volleyball is not very different to standard volleyball. The main difference is you will be playing on a beach. You won’t need shoes, and beachwear is acceptable attire. Playing on sand is very different to standard court flooring, so if you haven’t tried it we recommend you do! It’s easy, running around in your bare feet in the sand. Many players say that it really tests their skills, and even the change in how the balls moves on the sand makes a difference to how the game is played.

The beach volleyball court is slightly smaller than a standard court. It is 8 x 8 meters, whereas an indoor court is 9 x 9 meters. In beach volleyball, a block counts with the first ball contact. And players don’t need to rotate or change positions while they are playing as they do during an indoor game.

There are a few differences with the rules too. The best idea is to join in on a few volleyball games with some experienced players. The rules for indoor volleyball are far stricter, especially when it comes to double hitting, hand-sets and finger passes. Getting on to the beach and playing is the best way to learn the rules.

There are popular national and regional beach volleyball teams in most countries now. The sport is most popular in the USA, Brazil and Australia, which is hardly surprising since they have some amazing weather, and some of the world’s best beaches!

If you are keen to learn how to play beach volleyball but don’t live near a beach, we suggest you start with indoor volleyball at your local sports centre. Then, when you have some experience, we suggest you arrange to watch some beach games, and then join in.

There are many local clubs you can join. Do a search online to find out your local clubs. Meeting enthusiasts and forming friendships with other players is a great way to learn more about the sport and improve your game playing skills.


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