Weight loss: Drink this much apple cider vinegar to lose 8 pounds in ONE week

Apple cider vinegar has been used for cooking and to treat ailments for thousands of years.

Moving away from just flavouring food, the liquid is now being used as a method for weight loss, with studies proving just how effective it can be.

When drunk every day, apple cider vinegar can blast belly fat, decrease body fat percentage and melt away fat.

But just how much apple cider vinegar should you drink, and how should you drink it?

How does it work?

Apple cider vinegar helps speed up weight loss in many ways, one being that it speeds up the metabolism.

A recent study showed that drinking apple cider vinegar boosts fat burning and decreases fat and sugar production in the liver.

Another way it helps blast fat is by reducing fat storage, by increasing the number of genes that reduce belly fat storage.

Apple cider vinegar also burns fat by increasing the body’s amount of fat burning genes and suppresses the appetite.

How much to drink

According to Healthline.com, the optimum amount of apple cider vinegar to consume daily is one-two tablespoons (15-30ml).

It is best to spread the amount into two-three doses a day and is best to consume before meals.

Other benefits of adding apple cider vinegar into your diet include controlling blood sugar levels, lowering cholesterol, helping with PCOS and fighting off bacteria and viruses.

Another thing that apple cider vinegar can help with is controlling sugar cravings. 

Scientists have discovered consuming small amounts of this vinegar will help to stabilise blood sugar, which is linked to reducing cravings.

In one Swedish study, test subjects who ate white bread – a kind of fast-release carbohydrate – with vinegar were compared to those who ate white bread without the vinegar.

Those who consumed the vinegar with the bread had significantly reduced blood sugar responses compared to those who did not.