Brain teasers and riddles are a question, statement or phrase, designed to play tricks on and confuse the brain.

These riddles have double or hidden meaning and are put forth to the reader as something that needs to be worked out.

A good riddle can leave the solver pondering for hours, desperate to find the answer.

Set to send minds boggling, a riddle is claiming that it can only be solved by “smart people”.

The brain teaser was posted on, and comes with the intro: “Think you’re the smartest one in the office?

“Our collection of head-scratching riddles and brain teasers will settle the battle once and for all…”

This particularly cryptic brain teaser calls on the reader to try and name what is being described.

The riddle goes like this: “I can be written,

“I can be spoken,

“I can be exposed,

“I can be broken. What am I?”

No doubt leaving many readers scrabbling for answers, the answer to the riddle is, in fact, the new.

The news can be written, spoken, exposed and can be broken, a tricky one, designed to test even the “smartest” of people.

The riddle forms part of a series of brain teasers on the real estate website, challenging “smart” people to solve them.

Another way in which the brain can be tricked is by looking at an optical illusion.

Optical illusions exist to challenge and play tricks on the brain.

Some make you question whether you should believe your eyes at all.

Made up of colours, patterns and shapes, a good optical illusion can leave your confused. 

One image has appeared online that does exactly that, asking viewers to decide whether the lines running down it are parallel to each other or not.

Appearing in bright pink and yellow, the colours and lines work together to deceive your eyes, with the pink lines having smaller cross-hatched lines running through them.


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