Yesterday evening, Trump posted a video on Twitter with the hashtag “Stop The Bias”.

The video showed screenshots of Google home pages since 2012 where they promoted Obama’s State of the Union address.

However, for the previous two State of the Union addresses, which were delivered by Trump, Google did not put out an advert on its home page.

It is unclear whether the Trump team made the video themselves or it was produced by another group.

The video came after Trump accused Google of rigging the results in searches for “Trump news”.

The President warned the search operator to be “very careful” as he increased tensions with the media following his constant “fake news” attacks.

Speaking on Tuesday at the White House, Trump said Google were taking advantage of a lot of people which is a “very serious thing”.

He also attacked Facebook and Twitter stating: “You can’t do that to people…we have literally thousands of complaints coming in.”

Google has reiterated its search engine is not biased towards any political agenda or ideology.

A spokesman for the search engine said: “Search is not used to set a political agenda and we don’t bias our results toward any political ideology.

“We continually work to improve Google search and we never rank search results to manipulate political sentiment.”

Mercedes Bunz, a lecturer at King’s College London in digital technology, said: “Google’s news algorithm is optimised for actuality and proximity of an event but it is generally not optimised to look for political orientation.

“However, it has a tendency to rank web pages higher that a lot of people link to.

“For news, this does not seem to have changed with Google’s last update of its search algorithm, which was rolled out on 1 August.”

Twitter and Facebook did not address Trump’s comments directly.

President Trump did not give any details of the action he may take against Google, Facebook and Twitter.

Analysts have rebuked the claims made by Trump and said there is little evidence to support his claims.

On Tuesday, he also said that Google favoured news stories from “national left-wing media”.

The President also voiced concerns right wing reporting was being “suppressed”.


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