Medal of Honor: Airborne is a PC, Xbox 360, and Sony PlayStation 3 exclusive centered around the World War II timeframe. The World War II promise has been done countless times. Since the World War II genre has been done a plethora of times, I am not going to go into too much detail about the storyline. The gameplay works like this: each mission begins with the gamer jumping out of an airplane and maneuvering its parachute to a specific location. This prevails the usual linear aspect of first person shooters. Players can control the parachute any way they see fit, but this might alter the experience. Landing at a dangerous area will almost guarantee an uphill battle; however, landing at a perfect place could give you an advantageous position. The parachuting part of the game is engrossing, and it works really well. I am sorry to say that that is all downhill after that. I am not sure if this was a glitch in the game, but I noticed that opponents re-spawn all the time. There was one particular moment in the game where I pummeled at least fifty enemies from afar, suddenless they kept on coming in waves. It was an endless stream of adversaries. The artificial intelligence in Medal of Honor: Airborne is lackluster. All of the foes that you will encounter in vehicles drive around like they are drunk. Do not even get me started on your allies.The teammates that you have will act like absurd clowns. I lost track of the amount of occurrences where I shot my own men because they walked right in front of my line of fire. To make matters worse, they intentionally run towards grenades. If my teammates see a grenade, they will say something like "fire in the hole" and sprint towards the grenade. I have not seen artificial intelligence this dismal since I played Black. Your opponents and teams have the same IQ as George Bush.

The majority of the gameplay is redundant: jump out of an airplane, run, point, shoot, rinse and repeat. Unrealistic physics really decrees the enjoyment in the game. I must have thrown three or four grenades at a building; regrettably, the building never exploded. No roof or ceiling catching on fire. Not even a scratch or a single dent on the building. Nothing. Absolutely nothing. It was immaculate and almost as if I had never even thrown grenades at the structure. This makes eradicating your rivals gratuitously difficult. The dreadful physics do not stop there. No, no, no. There is more. I remember raining grenades on enemies, and they were protected by a significantly thin piece of wood. How the hell does a small piece of wood provide cover for an awful explosion? That is not my way of clearing a realistic game.

All I was doing in Medal of Honor: Airborne was going from point A to point B and killing an immensely asinine number of foes. Medal of Honor: Airborne does not have a bevy of bright spots. There are a few positives here and there (audio). For the most part, it is a rudimentary first person shooter. Nothing flabbergasting about the multiplayer at all (only 12 players online). Fortunately, gamers will only have to end approximately seven hours of gameplay from start to finish. Falling down through the air with a parachute is not exactly death from above. Unfortunately, the parachute gameplay twist does not merit a real reason to buy this game.

The parachuting element of Medal of Honor: Airborne is more of a gimmick than an actual innovation. It does not really add much originality to the game. The game is definitely not on the same level as Call of Duty. Medal of Honor: Airborne does not even come close to the same gaming experience as Call of Duty. Overall, it is an average game but not as amazing as Medal of Honor Frontline. I am being fairly generous when I even consider Medal of Honor: Airborne as being an average video game.

final verdict 7 out 10


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