Flies are one of the most irritating pests around, finding their way into Britons homes and never seeming to find a way out.

In the summer months, the fly population soars, with warmer temperatures acting as the perfect climate for breeding.

While flies are mostly harmless, they can be distressing and irritating, and some can actually bite leading to a plethora of health problems.

But despite the increase in fly population, there are many ways to keep flies out of your home and stop them coming back for good.

Many natural and effective methods exist for repelling these flying pests, with some costing under £1.

Homemade fly traps

Homemade fly traps can be a cheap, easy and effective way to get rid of flies who have made it indoors.

One method is by making a soda bottle trap, which involves cutting into the top third of an empty two-litre soda bottle off.

Filling the bottle with sugar water and turning it upside down will make a sugary trap that flies will not be able to resist, finding their way in but not being able to fly out.

Another trap is the vinegar and washing up liquid fly trap, which involves using a shallow bowl and filling it with apple cider vinegar, sugar and fruit scented washing up liquid.

Fly tape

Another cheap and easy solution is using fly tape strips, designed to catch flies mid-flight.

The £1.99 solution is a tape that is coated in a sticky, sweet substance, ultimately luring in, trapping and poisoning the insect.

Fly tape can be bought in multiple packs from many outdoor stores of supermarkets, and is most effective when hung around the house.

Natural scents

Preventing flies entering your home in the first place is also key to helping rid your house of flies.

Flies are repelled by many scents, including citrus, cloves, lavender and pine. Most bug repellants will have citrus in but are also packed with harmful chemicals.

Keep your home chemical and fly free by dotting around citrus essential oil, burning citrus candles or getting a citrus plug-in air freshener.

Another irritating pest that can be found in Briton’s homes this summer is the bed bug.

Bed bugs are a particularly devastating household pest because they are typically hard to get rid of.

Signs you have these blood-sucking parasites include bites on your skin. They also leave faeces in tiny black spots, clear shells and a smell of rotting raspberries.

However, according to FightBugs.com, there is a particular household tool to help you remove the pests from your floor.

The website begins by advising: “Vacuum your entire house, making sure to get around bed posts and other discrete areas.” 


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