How To Draw Zombies: Techniques For Horror Sketching

Learn how to draw zombies? If not, read on and learn how to draw them like a virtuoso with these easy steps.

Drawing is one of the most fulfilling and exciting hobbies around, but not all of us have the talent to draw the things we like. However, with a little practice (I know, you've heard that many times) you can master the art of drawing anything.

It can not be denied that during our childhood years, we are fond of drawing things from our imagination, not only on walls in our homes which mom used to hate, but in cartoons and on anything with a flat surface. However, as we grow older, drawing slowly finished as one of our hobbies and replaced with online games, making cookies, traveling and collecting things.

Those with the urge to draw took short courses to enhance their drawing talent while some made use of the Internet to gain tips and steps on how to draw different types of objects. In fact, on the internet there are tutorials on how to draw just about anything – and they are free.

One of the favorites "how-to's" on drawing are zombies and those dark creatures of the night.

Follow along with me here with your sketch pad and let's see what you can do. Assuming you have never picked up a pencil since you were in grade 3 or so, let's start by drawing very loosely.

If you like to learn how to draw zombies, follow these steps here:

  • Before beginning your zombie drawing, take a peek on Google images where you will find a variety of zombies. Select a few you like and make some rough sketches which are similar – but do not copy them! This is only to spark your imagination. You create your own Zombie.
  • Get out your ring-bound sketch book and doodle with your pencil while thinking about those images you like. Exaggerate any of the features that look "Zombie-ish" to you.
  • Near the middle of your paper, make an oval head shape with wobbly outlines. Zombies have many bones protruding through the skin with (sometimes) hanging flesh, teeth that look wrinkling in color and shape, with sunken eye sockets and eyes that pierce one's soul.
  • Sketching quickly gives your drawing more vitality even though a zombie can be classified as the "undead." Sketch the eye sockets with roundish shapes, a triangle dark shape for the non-persistent nose, and a gaping hole for the rotting mouth area. This is where you can get creative with the teeth – some are missing while others are cracked and discolored. They are certainly not all even so draw them in different lengths, some pointed, others jagged.
  • They do not have much hair on top and what they have is mattered badly so a little knowledge of a skull can be helpful. Go to Google images again and find a few skulls to draw in.
  • You know Zombies are not kind and friendly creatures but rather like the devil incarnate. The eyes usually show evil thoughts so try various shapes, sunken or bulging, almost all black except for a faint dot of light.
  • Once you have done a few rough sketches with a variety of features, the next step is to plan your final Zombie by selecting all the features you have sketched that you like. Draw them in freedom and if you do not like the result, just flip the page to a new sheet and start again. You have lost nothing and gained some experience in drawing.

If you have a passion for drawing, you can draw anything either from life or from your imagination. With a little practice coupled with your passion, your masterpiece is a few drawings away! Either a Zombie or …