Dwayne Johnson to play Kamehameha in new movie The King – after TWO DECADES of waiting

The wrestler-turned-actor is set to lead The King in the role of Hawaiian king Kamehameha.

Kamehameha is an integral part of Hawaiian history and has been gearing up for this part since he first transitioned into acting back in 2001.

He wrote on Instagram: “KA LA HIKI OLA. Dawning of a new day with hope and promise. Humbled & grateful to begin this once in a lifetime journey.

“KING KAMEHAMEHA, the legendary King was the first to unite the warring Hawaiian islands, fulfilling the prophecy that surrounded his fabled life since birth and creating the powerful & spiritual 50th state as we know it today.

“Academy Award winning director, Robert Zemeckis (Forrest Gump) will direct. Academy Award nominated writer, Randall Wallace (Braveheart) will write.”

He added: “From the day I began my Hollywood career (2001), my dream was to bring this legacy to life.

“In Polynesian culture we have a belief, that something isn’t done when it’s ready… it’s done when it’s right. The time is right.

“The one who walks alone. #Culture #History #Mana #TheKing #KAMEHAMEHA”

In a recent bidding way between major studios, Warner Bros and New Line have won out – after Johnson previously worked with them on Rampage and Journey 2: The Mysterious Island.

Johnson’s career is in exceptionally good shape right now, even with the disappointing performance of recent movie Skyscraper.

Last year Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle became a huge sleeper hit, crossing a gross of over $962.1 million worldwide.

He’s also had big success in the likes of The Fate of the Furious and its predecessors, Moana and Baywatch.

Currently he’s working on Jungle Cruise, a big Disney adventure blockbuster with Emily Blunt, Jack Whitehall and Jesse Plemons; plus DC Entertainment’s Shazam!, on which he is an executive producer.

Jumanji also has a sequel in the works, due for release in late 2019.

Further casting information for The King has yet to be announced.

Deadline reports that it will be filmed in 2020, with no release date known at present.