If you have been doing any searches on the internet for World of Warcraft Gold Guides, I'd be willing to bet you have heard of Warcraft Riches by Derek Beachler before. Warcraft Riches is one of the hottest guides on the market, and it has been for a while now.

Warcraft Riches covers all of the correct strategies and concepts that are the most efficient for getting you out there and making tons of WoW Gold. I really enjoyed the way Derek Beachler had set up Warcraft Riches. It is in PDF format, like most of the World of Warcraft Gold Guides, but it has a separate PDF for every single section. When you have as much information as is needed for one of these guides, organization becomes very important.

A couple of pretty cool bonuses are included in Warcraft Riches as well. The Bonus Fishing Guide is actually one of the best sections of the whole guide. This is because there were actually many diagrams and maps included, which always helps a lot. The other bonus is a Profession Leveling Guide, which you could honestly do without.

The main thing that I felt was a let down about the guide is that it was not very detailed. It was packed full of information and had all the right concepts, but they were not explained as thorough as they really need to be. There was also a heavy emphasis on grinding. I know a lot of people spend a heck of a lot of time grinding, but I hate to waste my time doing that. It is good to occasionally go out and just kill stuff, but it never lies long for me. I prefer going to the Auction House and actually using my brain and doing something that believes it or not, takes a little skill to do good at. Not saying I am great at the Auction House, but after using the techniques I learned from all the guides I read, I got pretty darn good and can make a quick profit whenever I feel like it.

Overall, Warcraft Riches just does not have what it takes to be number one. I loved that all the right concepts were there, but I was just disappointed that the details were not there to get you out and making tons of gold quick. The emphasis on grinding was also a definite negative aspect also. It is in no way a bad World of Warcraft Gold Guide; with a little bit more knowledge you can figure out the methods that are mentioned by Warcraft Riches, but who wants to spend money on something that gets them halfway there?


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