is back as Microsoft announces Modern Warfare 2 is on the backwards compatible list. 

MW2 is also on discounted sale this week for Xbox One players to purchase in the store, if they don’t already own the game. 

This will mean every single one of Infinity War’s Modern Warfare games are available to play with backwards compatibility. 

Improved graphics improve the feel of the game, which should send gamers back with a blast of nostalgia as they work their way through the Prestiges. 

How do you get CoD: Modern Warfare 2

Released initially on the Xbox 360 back in November 2009, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is finally making its way to the modern generation of the .

MW2 is widely accepted as one of the most popular CoD games available, with the multiplayer experience hailed as the best in the Call of Duty series. 

CoD: MW2 became one of the most successful Call of Duty games and took the competitive gaming market by storm. 

Fans can jump back into the action this week for £24.99 (or £18.74 for Xbox Live Gold subscribers).

Note that this is not the Remastered version of the game that fans were hoping for. 

Fans have been loudly shouting for a Remastered version of the game for several years to no avail, but this release is the 360 version backwards compatibility. 

This means that multiplayer will, unfortunately, be offline, but it does mean that if you have the 360 disc still in your collection, you can plug it in and jump straight into the action. 

A Remastered version has been rumoured to be happening, though nothing concrete has been announced. 

IGN spotted a listing for CoD: MW2 on the Italian version of Amazon earlier this year, but nothing more has come from it. 

It is unlikely fans will see a Remastered version any time soon, as Activision is busy marketing the new Black Ops 4 game in the next few months. 

However, you can jump into the backwards compatible version right now, for a reasonable price, or just load up your 360 disc to play.


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