Texas Company Sells Plans for 3D-Printed Guns Online Despite Court Order

That follows a federal judge in Seattle blocking Wilson’s company from posting the blueprints online.

Nineteen states and the District of Columbia had sought an injunction to stop a settlement that the federal government reached with Wilson’s Austin-based Defense Distributed. The states argued that online access to the undetectable plastic guns would pose a security risk and could be acquired by felons or terrorists.

U.S. District Judge Robert Lasnik agreed Monday, saying the government’s actions “not only impact national security but have domestic repercussions as well.”

The State Department reached the deal with the company after the agency removed the 3D gun-making plans from a list of weapons or technical data that are not allowed to be exported.

Wilson said he anticipates that states may try to sue to stop him from selling the plans, but that he is raising money for his legal defense.

“Anyone who wants to get these files is going to get them,” he said. “They can name their own price.”

Wilson also said he will continue to challenge the federal court order.


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