This is the one speech that any ordinary person can do. When a person you know and love dies, a eulogy is simply the best way of acknowledging the meaningful connection you have had with him. It is the perfect time to show how someone has touched your life. Making your declaration a public one is a way of honoring that person in a last tribute.

There is no reason for stress when the time comes for you to make this speech. Eulogy samples abound. Anybody can do it, but some need more help than others. This help comes in the form of collected eulogy samples where you could learn from the best. Public speaking books can also help, as well as how-to’s, checklists, guides, and templates.

Practicing can help. Either alone in a mirror or with a friend or relative. Practicing four or five times or when you feel comfortable with the delivery is enough. When the time comes, speak from the heart. All that the eulogy samples and guides and how-to’s can do is help you with the process. What you say and how you say it is your own.

Doing this eulogy in a funeral is a way to the healing process. By preparing and writing down your speech and then delivering them to a group of friends and relatives, you have eased your own grief and that of others. You can make it light by concentrating on the sharing the happy times you have had with the deceased. In this way the eulogy won’t be too hard on you.


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