How Much Your Pokemon Cards Are Worth Now

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Is it the 90s again? The 1990s favorite Pokemon is enjoying a mini-revival thanks to the success of the new game, Pokemon GO

And again, everyone is talking about Pokemon Go, a new game available on Android devices and iOS. A game that allows players to capture, trade and battle virtual Pokemon figures who can be found in the real world. Yes, the real world. Remember?

Pokemon Go has absolutely taken the world by storm. The game was released on July 6 and had over 50,000 downloads within its first 24 hours of being live. this mobile game has already added roughly $11 billion USD to Nintendo’s market value, you’d think that your original Pokemon cards might be worth a little something right now.

Whether you bought booster pack after booster pack to build the best deck for battle or fill a binder with the original 151, we all knew one thing: These Pokemon cards are going to be worth something someday.


If you own a card from the 1st edition shadowless Alakazam, you’re looking at ~$200. But, some of the card from the other editions aren’t worthless.


Charizard, Charmander, Charmeleon… This flame Pokemon was the game mascot for the Red and FireRed versions of the game.

It could potentially be worth a lot of money if you have the original holographic card. Do you? It’s being sold for $60 – $2,600.


Jigglypuff cards from the first edition might not worth much, couple of bucks maybe. The Wigglytuff, which is the evolved version of Jigglypuff, isn’t worth that much either. Holographic 1st edition cards range from $5 to $18.


Krabby is a River Crab that can evolve into Kingler, a pincer. Generally First editions of this card are sold for a couple of bucks


Search for little symbols on your cards. One symbol to watch for is a gold foil “W” stamp. These cards were reprints, but only a limited amount was made. Reprints generally aren’t worth anything, but your cards may still be valuable.


A holographic card from the base set may only bring in around $5, however, a 1st edition holographic card from 1999 could be worth around $135.


If you own a holographic Venusaur card it can be worth up to $15

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