When it comes to talking about sex or issues of a carnal nature, most people blush and shy away. They pretend to know nothing of it nor do they want to be thought of as doing it. Sadly, the results of this reality are that most people end up being unsatisfied in bed by their partners which as history has proven time and again, can lead to the end of even the sweetest of partnerships.

We are all unique when it comes to what turns us on or gets us hot. Dirty talking though (when done right) is one of the few sure fire ways that work for everyone when it comes to fanning carnal appetites. Learning how to use dirty talk in the bedroom simply requires a willingness to learn, a creative mind and a sexy lover on whom to practice on. The secret to perfecting it is that it plays on the imagination. No longer are you simply stimulating your partner through sight and touch alone, by adding sound to the mix you are creating an atmosphere of anticipation, which can be just as exciting as the main act itself.

Dirty talking is a sort of sexual game that involves use of sexual phrases that incite the imagination to higher forms of pleasure. Though this can be used on virtually anyone, you have to know what exactly it is your partner likes. Using the ‘wrong type’ of dirty talking could end up producing a negative result, far from what you were anticipating. As such it is essential to know several key things before you indulge in such sexual play:

1. There are two different forms of dirty talk; soft and hardcore. Usually most people use relatively tame sensual phrases to ignite their partner’s passions before phasing into hard-core sexually vulgar language. However, you must know which style your partner would appreciate more.

2. Talking dirty is more about how you say something as opposed to what you say. You can take the most common every day phrase and use it to turn your partner on by simply making it sound more sensual.

3. Remember that talking dirty isn’t about being disrespectful. It’s about spicing up your life by trying something a little…different.

To make sure there are no misunderstandings or miscommunications, it is recommended that you discuss the topic with your partner beforehand and establish boundaries if need be. The aim of talking dirty in bed is to increase pleasure to both parties during sex.


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