You can save $12 on Super Smash Bros. Ultimate with Amazon Prime, but only if you order today.


Are you eagerly awaiting an upcoming video game? Maybe Kingdom Hearts 3, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate or Fallout 76? If you have Amazon Prime you can save 20 percent on video game preorders, but only if you order today.

Amazon currently gives Prime members 20 percent off all video game preorders, but that policy changes tomorrow. Starting Tuesday, Aug. 28, Amazon will instead give Prime members a $10 credit after their preordered game is delivered.

That means instead of getting the immediate cash discount, you’ll have to wait until after you get your game to get the store credit. Amazon says this process could take up to 35 days.

So you may want to act today if you have your eyes on a certain game. Since many new game releases cost $60, you can save $12 on games like:

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