Google Pixel 3 design ‘revealed’ after another devastating leak

Google Pixel 3 is one of the most highly-anticipated smartphones of the year – the hardware is expected to improve upon the Pixel 2’s capable snapper, feature faster internals and sport a new look.

The device is presumed to be announced by Google on October 4.

This is because the tech giant unveiled the original Pixel and Pixel 2 on the same date in their respective years.

But the Pixel 3 appears to have been plagued by a host of leaks that have shown off its best features.

A recent article from Russian website Rozetked displayed images of an alleged Pixel 3 XL unit.

Photos showed an apparent Pixel 3 XL touting a screen with severely reduced bezels from its predecessor and a controversial notch.

The hardware also featured a front-facing speaker, a single camera sensor on its rear in addition to a circular fingerprint scanner.

And earlier in August a video had emerged from a user on Telegram of an alleged Pixel 3 XL unit being unboxed.

In addition to housing the flagship, the packaging also featured a new pair of Pixel Buds that were wired.

Now another unboxing video of a supposed Pixel 3 XL has emerged on YouTube channel “In DIGI”, providing an in-depth look into what Android lovers could expect to see from Google in October.

The phone is displayed in a white colour but features a light green home button.

A notch that has been seen in previous leaks also makes an appearance.

Android 9 Pie is shown running on the device’s screen with minimal bezels.

The phone does not feature a headphone jack and is shown sporting two front-facing camera sensors.

A single snapper remains on the back of the phone however.

The YouTuber responsible for the unboxing also tested out the selfie-taking capabilities of the alleged Pixel 3 XL.

Photos appear sharp and the two front cameras appear highly capable of capturing Portrait Mode snaps.

Fans eagerly awaiting the Google Pixel 3 will not have to wait long to see if this latest leak is accurate.

The tech giant is expected to detail the new flagship on October 4.