Destiny 2 Solstice of Heroes: When does Solstice of Heroes update end?

The grind for the Solstice of Heroes upgraded armour in 2 is almost over, with the event closing soon. 

Players have spent the last month working their way through the armour item challenges to rank up their gear to light level 400.

The Solstice Armour challenges were brought in to help players rank up in time for the Forsaken expansion which launches on September 4.

Weapons and armour are set to drop higher in the Forsaken expansion, with endgame content open to players who are closer to 600 light.

What is the Solstice of Heroes event?

The Solstice of Heroes event was the latest update to Destiny 2 to prepare players for the new Forsaken Expansion.

Giving players a specific set of armour for their class, the Solstice of Heroes event tasks players with completing challenges and collecting orbs of light to upgrade them to light level 400.

Several bounties were also brought into the game to reward players for completing challenges. 

The Solstice armour set is broken down into three sections of challenges. 

When a player goes to the Traveller, a new stature will appear that will give players the scorched armour set, which will be green. 

To upgrade the armour, players will have to grind through several challenges to bring the armour up to rekindled and beyond. 

Each armour set requires players to complete a redux version of five previous missions from the game, which increase in difficulty. 

Alongside this, each armour piece requires a specific challenge, like collecting orbs of light, winning crucible games, or getting Super kills. 

Once upgraded to the Blue Rekindled version, players will have to again complete each set of challenges to bring the armour up to 400 light level in all its Resplendent glory. 

This will put players in a prime position to start the Forsaken Expansion immediately.

When does the Solstice of Heroes event end?

Unfortunately, players don’t have long to grind through the rest of the challenges and get that all-important Resplendent armour. 

Bungie has set the deadline to complete these challenges on Tuesday, August 28 at 7.30 pm BST (1.30 ET).

Gamers have until that point to finish all the challenges and rank up their armour to level 400 in time for the new expansion, which releases on September 4.

This is made all the more difficult, as players must complete all challenges on every armour piece in order to upgrade it to the next level, which can be an incredible grind. 

However, the rewards for your effort will be massive, as it will unlock more features much earlier once the new expansion releases, with the new Dreaming City raid open to you much sooner.

Forsaken releases on and PS4 on September 4.