Batman Video Games Through the Years

Who hasn’t been fascinated with this superhero that is so different from other superheroes, not having any special powers at all save his cunning? Starting as a DC Comics character, the dark knight now invades not just the television and movie screens but also video games.

Batman video games are created to allow the Caped Crusader’s fans live the life of a superhero, saving lives and a protecting the residents of Gotham City from the evils lurking when the streets get dark.

First of the batman game franchise is Batman released in 1986 released by Ocean Software and was designed as an isometric action/adventure game.

Batman: The Caped Crusader, was released in 1988 by Ocean Software. This paid homage to Batman’s original comic looks and with comic book panels as game backgrounds.

Batman (also known as Batman the Movie). Released in November 1989 by Ocean Software and was obviously based on the 1989 Batman film. This game spearheaded a new style in gaming design and was well received by the gaming public. It has a higher memory than the previous Batman video game and the graphics improved to give off a 3D effect.

Batman. Released by NES in December 1989 and was also inspired by the 1989 Batman film. Another Batman game inspired by this movie was released by Mega Drive in July 1990. Actually, there will be more Batman games created basing from this movie. What do they find so special in this particular movie they keep turning it into various games with similar game plays?

PC Engine released a Batman video game in October 1990 which has gameplay features similar to that of Pac-Man.

Batman: Return of the Joker. Released by Game Boy, Mega Drive and NES in December 1991 features specialized boss fighting at the last level.

Batman Begins. Released in June 2005 and inspired by the movie with the same title features new styles of play involving stealth, driving and platforming.

The latest released Batman video game is Batman: Arkham Asylum released in August 2009 and just a few months ago in Japan. The PS3 version has exclusive downloadable Joker challenge levels.

Two Batman video games are still pending release. One (Batman: The Brave and the Bold the Videogame) will be released in September 2010 and the other (Batman: Arkham Asylum 2) in 2011.