KSI vs Logan Paul next fight: When is the next head to head now fight has ended in draw

The rematch could take place in New York City in February after the pair touched gloves at the Manchester Arena on Saturday night.

A venue is yet to be confirmed, although it has been reported either fighter can pull out of the US planned bout if they choose.

Watford’s own KSI, 25, and US rival Paul, 23, fought out Saturday’s draw in a boxing match billed “the biggest thing that has ever happen on YouTube.”

Speaking afterwards, KSI – who has more than 19 million YouTube subscribers – demanded a rematch, with Paul backing a second showdown.

He said: “I think there’s only one thing to do. I think we have to have a rematch. 

“Let’s do it. That was fun.”

Paul said: “I think it’s what the people want. Let’s give them a rematch.”

It is thought the two rivals may have raked in £30 million EACH for Saturday’s fight, with viewers paying £7.50 to watch the fight on Youtube.

The rivals have signed a two-fight deal, and New York would help promoters looking to broadcast the bout on either side of the Atlantic.

KSI later said on Twitter that he would have won if the fight was 12 rounds.

He tweetd: “I should have won that, lets be honest. He had the first 2 rounds on me because I started slow and that was about it. 

“If it was 12 rounds he would have lost. 

“Either way, it was a good fight.”

A “majority draw” was declared after six rounds of Saturday’s fight.

But angry viewers took to social media to vent their anger at the spectacle, wth some spectators booing inside Manchester Arena.

@DreamzHawk wrote: “KSIvLogan give me my money back right now.

@ria_martins wrote: “This is a joke. Nice try. Now there is an excuse for more”

@EdenIsla2 wrote: “Can someone please refund my time? thanks.”

Saturdays fight was the culmination of a bitter online feud between Paul and KSI.

Paul sparked anger after uploading a video showing the body of an apparent suicide victim in Japan.