KSI vs Logan Paul LIVE STREAM – How to watch big YouTube fight live online

KSI and Logan Paul are about to take to the ring in the battle of the YouTube stars.

The pair are some of the most popular on the video site with KSI weighing in with 19 million subscribers and Logan Paul just behind with 18 million followers on the platform.

The two YouTube sensations will go head-to-head in front of a sell-out crowd in Manchester with millions also expected to tune in and watch online.

KSI, who is known for his FIFA videos on YouTube is a member of the popular YouTube group the Sidemen. The YouTuber posted a video calling out Logan Paul after his victory against Joe Weller last year.

The British internet personality won in stoppage time but called out his American friend online, demanding a fight.

Logan Paul responded with a video accepting the challenge, though he is yet to enter the ring in a YouTube bout.

The big fight night starts at 5pm with the undercard featuring Halal Ham v Jrizzy Jeremy, Momo v RossiHD, JMX v Coach Richard, Faze Sensei v Overtflow, RackaRacka v Scarce and AnEsonGib v Jay Swingler.

Fans will also be looking forward to seeing KSI’s younger brother Deji take on Logan Paul’s brother Jake on the undercard.

KSI v Logan Paul is expected to begin at around 10pm and, if you want to tune in to watch the big fight, here’s how to view all of the action live online.


There’s two ways to tune into this boxing match tonight.

Firstly, you can head to YouTube on your TV, smartphone or computer and find a dedicated live stream of the fight.

The action can be found by following this link.

Don’t forget, this stream is not free and you’ll need to pay £7.50 to access the live action.

Payment is made by clicking on the price tag within the YouTube video.

As well as YouTube showing the action there’s also a dedicated website for tonight’s fight.

Fans can visit ksivslogan.tv where they’ll find full details on how to view the action.

Purchasing the fight via this site will cost $10 – with Visa, MasterCard and American Express all accepted.

Before purchasing, users are advised to view the test stream provided at ksivslogan.tv/simulate.

If you cannot see a demonstration video stream playing, your device is not supported.”

Those trying to find  are being warned that the only way to watch is to pay for the service.

In a short video posted on his YouTube channel, Logan Paul said: “You CAN NOT watch it unless you purchase the event. We’re going to have hundreds of employees removing any pirated streams.

“Any highlight clips will also not be available. You’ve gotta buy it.”