WWE news: John Cena reveals striking new look after SummerSlam ahead of in-ring return

Cena has been working out at Jackie Chan’s JC Stunt Team International Training Centre and is preparing for his upcoming movie Project X where he will co-star with the legendary martial artist.

His training seems to be paying dividends as he shared a picture on Twitter that showed him posing with a leaner and shredded new look ahead of his highly-anticipated comeback.

The Champ is now working on a part-time basis with WWE as he is building a career in Hollywood that has seen him feature in various blockbuster hits like Trainwreck, Daddy’s Home 2 and Blockers alongside some of the biggest names in the industry like Will Ferrell, Mark Wahlberg and Amy Schumer.

The Leader of the Cenation, however, isn’t done with WWE yet as he is set to return to the ring for a live event in Shanghai on September 1 and promised he will debut a new finisher he picked up during his training in China.

The 16-time world champion will also make a televised appearance at WWE Super Show-Down on October 6 at the Melbourne Cricket Ground in Australia.

Cena will team up with Bobby Lashley and will take on Kevin Owens as well as Elias after his one-on-one encounter with KO was stretched into a Tag Team Match.

The ex-WWE Champion addressed the announcement of his next match and revealed he will be coming Down Under with a secret weapon.

He said: “So this is the part where I’m supposed to talk smack about Kevin Owens and Elias. I’m not gonna do that.

“I’ve had clashes with Kevin Owens before, we’ve earned each other’s respect. Elias, any man who can stand and walk in the same sentence has got something figured out.

“I just got some news for you, wrong place wrong time for everyone else in the world. On the WWE Network, October 6th we’re live in Melbourne. That’s the place and time you want to be.

“The WWE Super Show-Down, my partner the unstoppable Bobby Lashley and you know very few times in my life have I been viewed as a secret weapon but I no longer have a target on my back, I’ve been in hiding, I’ve been dropping a few pounds, I’m quicker, faster and not only I’m a secret weapon; I have a secret weapon.”

Cena’s last WWE match took place at the Greatest Royal Rumble four months ago in Saudi Arabia where he defeated legendary rival Triple H.

The former World Heavyweight Champion was also in action at WrestleMania 34 a few days prior where he lost an impromptu match to The Undertaker.

Undertaker won the match in less than three minutes with just one Chokeslam and a Tombstone Piledriver.

Taker is also scheduled to return at WWE Super Show-Down as well and will face Triple H for the last time ever.