Node.js From Scratch


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Course Description

Node.js is an amazing platform. It is the V8 JavaScript that Google Chrome uses on the front end running on a server. As a developer who loves JavaScript in the browser, I find it amazing to be able to write web servers and other programs in the very same language. As you’ll see, it’s similar to JavaScript in the browser; however, it isn’t all the same. There are many new patterns and features that we’ll cover in this course.

What You’ll Learn

  • How to use Node.js to build web applications and other programs.
  • The principles of Node.js, including scope, modules, and asynchronous coding.
  • How to work with the Node.js API, including lessons on EventEmitter, utilities, path tools, and streams.
  • Taking it further with NPM and third-party modules.

About the Instructor

Andrew Burgess is a connoisseur of all things programming. He’s from near Toronto, Canada, and is finishing up a computer science degree. He’s been writing tutorials and producing screencasts for Envato Tuts+ since 2009, and he has also written some ebooks. You can find him on his website or on Twitter or GitHub.