Hurricane Lane – Eerie SIRENS to sound as citizens to ‘Prepare and plan NOW’

The Honolulu Department of Emergency Management gave the warnings in a tweet today.

Governor David Ige declared a state of emergency yesterday as conditions continued to worsen.

He tweeted: “If you haven’t done so, I urge you to prepare and plan now”.

The Maui County Emergency Management Agency stated “sirens will only sound in the event evacuations are needed”.

They added: “If you hear the siren sound: tune into local radio/tv and move to higher ground.”

The Agency also informed residents about a wireless emergency alert and emergency alert system message that will be sent out simultaneously.

The Category 4 hurricane was briefly updated to a category 5 storm yesterday before being downgraded again.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration NOAA new Hurricane Tracker software has placed the storm just south of the islands.

It is only 200 miles from the western coast of Big Island.

The Central Pacific Hurricane Centre’s latest analysis shows Lane changing course to move northward.

The turn towards the north puts Hawaii at risk of “significant impacts”, it has warned, bringing high winds, heavy rainfall, flash flooding and storm surges.

Big Island and Maui have been placed under hurricane warnings as the National Weather Service has made residents aware of the possible risk from the storm.

On Thursday, Hurricane Lane bought 12 inches of rain in 12 hours with residents panicking to make sure they had enough supplies.

People were also struggling to protect their homes from the storm of the century and Big Island’s first hurricane since 1992.

The highest wind speed recorded was 107mph with Hawaii being battered by the strong gales and heavy rain.

The National Weather Service has said that some parts of the state could witness 30 inches of rain before Lane has left the area.

Gavin Shigesato, a weather service meteorologist from Honolulu, said: “Even though the eye is south of the Big Island, we are seeing excessive rainfall already affecting the islands.”