Fortnite server status: How long is Fortnite down for – Epic Games gives update

Epic Games has once again switched the update day from its usual Tuesday slot to Thursday, with servers going offline this morning. 

Fortnite players were kicked out of their games this morning at 8.30am in time for the update patch at 9am. 

All Fortnite features will be offline for several hours while Epic Games performs maintenance checks on the next content update.

Epic Games announced the downtime on Twitter late last night and announced several new skins, including the Venture and Raptor get for fans to purchase. 

How long is Fortnite down for? 

Fortnite servers were switched off just before 8am BST (4am ET) this morning in time for the latest patch update. 

Epic Games usually roll out new content every fortnight on a Tuesday they have recently changed the day to Thursdays.

The servers usually remain offline anywhere between one and three hours, though this can often change depending on the size of the update. 

Fortnite players can usually expect server downtime to last roughly three hours and for game services to be back online by 11am BST (7am ET).

As usual, players were taken out of their accounts roughly 20 minutes before the servers went down, with all game services unavailable for the duration of the update. 

Fortnite players are eagerly awaiting the new weekly challenge update, which has been delayed to Friday.

Epic Games announced the Week 7 challenges will be pushed to August 24, instead of Tuesday. 

The latest update, patch v5.3 is set to bring in some huge content changes, including a new item announced in the Fortnite Item Shop – Rift-To-Go!

This new item will allow players to carry around their own personal portal rift.

Epic Games said of the new item: “Are you a player on the go? Carry an escape plan in your back pocket with a new item making it’s way to Battle Royale!”

Epic Games haven’t revealed why they’ve rescheduled these two important weekly updates, but it is worth remembering that towards the end of Season 4 the game also underwent a similar scheduling shuffle.