Whatsapp web: What is Whatsapp – Can you log in to Whatsapp online?

is one of the most popular messenger services right now, with millions of users sending messages across the country every day. 

WhatsApp is available as an app on your phone, on both iOS and Android.

But WhatsApp is also now available to download and use on the internet, meaning you can text your friends on your PC, laptop or phone at any time using WiFi or an internet connection. 

Users can now access their messages on their phones, tablets, and PC to stay in contact no matter where they are. Here, Express.co.uk explains how you can create a WhatsApp account and set up the messenger on your PC.

What is WhatsApp?

WhatsApp is the most popular messaging service in the world, with more than a billion users worldwide. 

Available on most devices, including iOS, Android, and PC, WhatsApp allows for instant messaging to anyone anywhere in the world. 

You can even send picture messages, voice messages and call your contacts with a voice or video call.

WhatsApp has even allowed users to video conference call a number of contacts together, making it one of the best and most reliable messengers available.

How to use WhatsApp messenger on your PC

On your PC, you can only use WhatsApp on a Chrome web browser. 

To set up the messenger on a PC or Mac, open up https//:web.whatsapp.com and enter your mobile number. 

You will need to have created a WhatsApp account on your phone first in order to create a PC account. 

Once you have input your number on your PC, a QR code will appear on the screen

Then, fire up WhatsApp settings on your phone and select WhatsApp Web. 

Scan the QR code with your phone and you will be automatically logged into WhatsApp on your PC.

Your account will be automatically transferred over to the web, with all your contacts appearing for you to search and chat to. 

You can also change the settings on your PC, customising the notifications, layout, and chats to your personal taste.