Motorola Aura – Expensive Motorola Phone, But is it Worth the Price Tag?

Motorola is offering a new Aura mobile phone to all of those individuals who are looking for a new phone. When it comes to this new cell phone, we believe you will really enjoy it as it is just what you need. For years, we have been waiting for a great new mobile phone like this, but it seems no one wanted to make it. Then along came Motorola and we are very thankful for this handset. What is all this about over a little device? Well, we are going to tell you that within this article.

First, we would like to start by telling you that the new Motorola Aura mobile phone is well worth the money and if you have the money, then you should get this gadget. We’re sorry if we sound like a sales add, it is just that we are very excited about this new phone and we would like to get the news out. This new handset is highly fashionable and that is what we have been looking for. When you walk past the Motorola Aura, it will be sure to gain your attention, because it has a round interface. If you look at the other mobile phones, you are not going to find a round interface that is quite like this one. This is because the lens is made from real sapphire crystal. We don’t believe there is any cell phone that has a lens made from sapphire crystal.

We believe this was a perfect invention because cell phone lens are known for being scratched. Yes, cell phones get shoved in pockets, shoved in corners and shoved in purses; they are doomed to be scratched. This is not the case with this new device because Motorola made it almost impossible for the screen to get scratched. The screen resolution on this new phone is also out of this world. You will be getting high resolution that offers you sixteen million colors and don’t forget about the 300 DPI. Now, you are probably trying to figure out if there are sixteen million different colors, but there is and this cell phone proves it.

Once you get past the looks of this new cell phone, you will see that it has some great things to offer. Whilst it may not have as great of a camera as the other cell phones, it has a 2 -megapixel camera. However, the looks and the communication make up for the camera. This new phone also has 2 GB of memory that has been built in, so you should never have any problems with running out of room for the memory. You will be able to hold tons of messages, e-mails and don’t forget about the calendar that comes with this cell phone. When you purchase the sell phone, you will be getting just what you should expect from a cell phone, a great communication device that will never let you down.