Lombok EARTHQUAKE: Indonesian island hit by 6.3 magnitude quake after 460 killed

Residents were seen running into the street in terror after the quake hit the west-southwest of Belanting Town in East Lombok at a depth of just 7km.

East Lombok resident Agus Salim said: “I was driving to deliver aid to evacuees when suddenly the electricity pole was swaying. I realised it was an earthquake.

“People started to scream and cry. They all ran to the street.”

National disaster agency spokesman Sutopo Purwo Nugroho said: “The earthquake caused people to panic and flee their houses. We are still checking.”

The earthquake has caused landslides in a national park where hikers have been trapped on a volcano after an earthquake in July.

Endri Susanto, a children rights activist in Mataram, said: “Everybody ran outside their house. They’re all gathering in an open field, still terrified.

“People are traumatised by the previous earthquakes and aftershocks never seem to stop.”

The US Geological Survey said that the dept of the latest tremor was 7.9 miles and the epicentre was on the north-eastern shoulder of the island at the foot of Mount Rinjani.

According to a disaster mitigation agency, there were no reports so far of casualties or damage.

Talking of Lombok’s main town, Mataram, Asmaatul Husna said: “It was very strong. All the lights went out.”

The Indonesian Red Cross tweeted a clip of Belanting as the quake struck the village.

It posted: “This is the condition in Belanting Village when the earthquake struck #lombok.

“The #PMI team that was making an emergency mosque, immediately helped evacuate the residents to a safe location #PMISiapBantu”

The tremor is the latest in a series which have rocked the island in recent weeks.

The first, measuring 6.4, happened on July 29 and killed 14 people. This was followed by another, larger earthquake on August 5, which resulted in a much higher death toll, which now stands at 460.

Other quakes happened in the next few days, including a 6.2 magnitude one on August 9 which caused the collapse of several buildings.