UFC news: Ominous Conor McGregor vs Khabib prediction, Jon Jones and Brock Lesnar slammed

UFC News – Conor McGregor’s coach makes bold Khabib Nurmagomedov fight prediction

Conor McGregor’s striking coach Owen Roddy reckons ‘The Notorious’ could KO Khabib Nurmagomedov in the first round of their .

“Conor lands on the chin and puts him to sleep,” Roddy said during an appearance on Ariel Helwani’s MMA Show.

“I always give his opponent the benefit of the doubt because some people are tough and can take more shots than others, but it’s only a matter of time.

“If Conor lands in the first, really, it could be done in the first. Once he lands on the chin, you’ll all see it in Khabib’s face. Once he lands, it will be lights out either immediately or shortly after.”

UFC News – Luke Rockhold takes aim at Jon Jones and Brock Lesnar

Luke Rockhold believes former light-heavy and heavyweight champions Jon Jones and Brock Lesnar should’ve received lengthy suspensions for their failed drug tests.

“This sport is starting to get a little jokey,” Rockhold told MMA Junkie.

“I’m just sick of watching Brock [Lesnar], watching Jon – when you get down to real business, these guys should be suspended for a long time.

“People are learning how to cheat the system. USADA is owned by the UFC. (Shrugs)

“I like fighting clean. I’ve always fought clean, and I want to fight clean people. I want to fight fair. I want a fair playing field.

“USADA’s got to step their game up and be what they were in the beginning. In the beginning, it seemed like they were doing their job. Now it seems like they’re owned.

“It’s sad to see, but hopefully it can correct itself and we can get on the right path. I’m sick of it all, but I love it all at the same time.”

UFC News – Derrick Lewis talks Francis Ngannou fight

Derrick Lewis is of the belief that the much-feared Francis Ngannou was afraid in their  226 snoozefest, which he won via unanimous decision.

“To me, whenever he stepped inside the Octagon, he looked scared from the get-go,” Lewis explained on The MMA Hour. “He wasn’t the same guy that I saw at the weigh-ins.

“Like, his facial expressions and his emotions and everything, it wasn’t the same. So all of that right there, that threw me off in the fight too, because I didn’t believe that he was really that scared of me, but the look in his eyes, it really did show that he was scared.”