Indonesia EARTHQUAKE: Raba rocked by HUGE 6.6 magnitude earthquake

Earthquake watchdog the US Geological Survey confirmed the mammoth quake hit the northwest Indonesian city that lies on the island of Sumbawa moments ago.

Social media users swarmed the internet to declare their safety and share locations where the earthquake – another in a series of devastating natural disasters – hit the cluster of islands.

Tim Andrew said two minutes after the quake rocked the region: “Yep, felt it here in Bali.”

Lee Nallalingham added: “Felt here in Bali – no tsunami warning issued.”

The newest quake to hit the region at 11.15pm local time comes two weeks after the August 5 magnitude 7 quake that has so far claimed the lives of more than 460 people.

More than 7,750 were injured as the quake laid some 70,000 homes to waste on the popular tourist island with hospitals, clinics, schools, bridges and office blocks also damaged having struck six miles underground.

Just a week before, a first earthquake killed 17 on the island.

The Indonesian Red Cross flocked to the scene to help those affected.

The region has been placed by a series of aftershocks, with some as powerful as the tremors themselves.

Days ago, an aftershock with a recorded magnitude of 4.5 was recorded.

It too was felt as far away as Bali.