James Bond: NEW poll reveals UK’s favourite actor choice to replace Daniel Craig as 007

The incumbent doesn’t start shooting his fifth and final outing until December, but talk is already red hot concerning who will replace him.

Of course in reality Bond producer Barbara Broccoli won’t be auditioning actors until 2020 at the very least.

Nevertheless 1000 UK fans have been polled by ODEON for which actor they would like to see take up the License to Kill after Craig.

And Idris Elba, the bookies’ favourite, came top with 26% of the vote, with Tom Hardy at a close second with 22%.

And it turns out that Connery, the original Bond, is still the nation’s favourite with 27% of the vote.

He was followed by Craig in second, Moore third, Brosnan fourth and Dalton in fifth place.

Meanwhile poor old Lazenby, who starred in just one Bond movie, received no votes at all.

Nevertheless while Connery was voted the favourite, the answer with the highest percentage was “Not applicable, I do not have a favourite James Bond actor”, with 28% of the vote. Also 5% said they just didn’t know.

The poll also took into account the age of each person who voted, with the highest percentage tending to be in the age bracket that grew up with that actor as their Bond.

Daniel Craig returns in Bond 25, set for release in October 2019.