What Is Ontological Coaching?

Ontological Coaching originates from the teachings of Ontology. According to Wikipedia, “Ontology is the philosophical study of the nature of being, becoming, existence, or reality, as well as the basic categories of being and their relations.”

Ontological Coaching therefore, lives under the premise that you are a co-creator, and the nature of your being is related to your reality. An Ontological Coach brings awareness to new possibilities through powerful questioning, and supports you to take effective action. The role of an Ontological Coach is not to give you the answers because your inner knowing is creative and resourceful. They facilitate your process to acquire a deeper learning on a subconscious and conscious level, which goes beyond one session. This method is more sustainable than merely teaching the “how to’s” that only temporarily satisfy. They also train you to become aware of the three elements of body, language, and emotions in addition to teaching proper planning and strategy because everything is interrelated and relevant to the greater human potential.

Be aware that not all coaches are the same. With all the benefits of Ontological Coaching, you are receiving above and beyond what an average life coach offers who primarily works with you to set goals and to be your cheerleader. Julio Ollala, one of the biggest promoters of Ontological Coaching, best describes this in his book From Knowledge to Wisdom: Essays on the Crisis of Contemporary Learning by sharing the following statement:

“Unfortunately, coaching today is being practiced by many who are uncredentialed and unstudied, who are offering traditional consulting, training, and pop-psychology advice under the guise of “coaching.” It is being practiced by those caught in the same habits and traps of thinking that the clients they are trying to serve are in.”

This is why it’s valuable to invest on hiring not just a coach, but an Ontological Coach that is trained and knows what to listen for in order to coach you through your challenges. They have cleared their own mind clutter, and they are better equipped to handle your concerns in a safe environment. You fully engage yourself for your own benefit to remove any incongruences in your thoughts and what you say you will do.

For example, having fear of failure is actually setting you up for failure no matter what things you say or do right because the underlying context is incongruent. Another way to understand this is to imagine that you are playing a game of dartboard. Only instead of focusing on the bullseye, your eyes are on the wall away from the board while you throw the dart. How likely will you hit the bullseye with the dart? Similarly in life, your thoughts are like your eyes. And if your thoughts are not congruent to your actions, how likely will you get what you really want? Are you willing to notice and observe the way you perceive failure? What if instead of thinking that you will fail, you are operating from a place of confidence knowing you will succeed? How might that affect your actions and outcome differently?

With a trained Ontological Coach you will:

• Get A Behind-The-Scene Look At What Drives Your Actions

• Notice What Stops You From Achieving Your Dreams

• Create Once-And-For-All Shifts

The benefit for you is that you begin to really experience true peace, happiness and greater abundance. Who doesn’t want that?