Left handers day: How many people in the world are left-handed?

Being left-handed is surprisingly uncommon today, with a tiny percentage of the world being inclined towards this nature.

In celebration, left-handed people have formed their own day in order to celebrate their uniqueness.

The Left-handers Club founded the day 26 years ago in 1992 to point out the domination from right-handed members of society.

According to the club, August 13 is for left-handed people “to tell your family and friends how proud you are of being left-handed, and also raise awareness of the everyday issues that lefties face”.

How many people in the world are left handed?

A very small percentage of the world are left-handed, which translates to roughly 988 million people.

There is no definitive reason as to exactly why people are left handed, but apparently there is a basis in genetics for the trait.

Some researchers were able to target a gene thought to be directly responsible for creating left handed people.

This means that left-handed people are likely to produce other left handers, but are not guaranteed to, meaning that the number likely won’t grow.

The biology of a left-handed person is also interesting, as those with a tendency towards being left-handed are likely to have one side of the brain more dominant.

Handedness works in a way that means left-handed people’s right brains are more dominant, and right-handed people’s left hemispheres are dominant.

A pursuant myth that those who are left-handed are perpetually clumsy is due mostly to the small portion of the population having to use right-handed equipment.

Men are apparently met likely to be born left handed, and the inclination was often considered ‘unnatural’ and was punished in schools.

Who are some famous left-handers?

Left-handed people are often regarded as some of the most logically driven and intelligent, with many famous figures being of this persuasion.

Apollo astronauts have seen the greatest number of left-handers profession-wise with a total of one in four people aboard the craft favouring their left.

Sir Bobby Charlton is among them, the legendary Manchester and England footballer preferred his left hand despite being effectively two-footed on the pitch.

Legendary Prime Minister and tactician Winston Churchill was also left-handed, and known for his unrelenting and calculating leadership in World War 2.

There were some infamous left-handed people too however, as Billy the Kid and even Jack the Ripper are thought to have been left-handed.

In order to accommodate people with a left-hand, the world has attempted to create objects that could help then function in a right-handed world.

Oreo creators Nabisco have recently released a special treat for left-oriented people, with a packet that opens on the right hand side to make the opening process easier for lefties.