WATCH: Jennifer Aniston’s workout secrets revealed

Transcript for Jennifer Aniston’s workout secrets revealed

S toow Jennifer aniston los so gre a 49. Workout that ls stay I Su shape. Abbiudreau hithe gymith her trainer to give her moves a try. For you ??? Reporter: She’s been setting trenince she was one O our friends.doo her rockin body,enton at age of 4 remains one of F women I llywood. How does she look go besides yoga she says sheas th to thank, Leon azubuike guingo ” S feels he hung themo a wonderful person and it’s been, you know the rationship halt through a mutual respor O another there’never bee a time where I said, Y, do thisxercise and she gives me like, you, resistance on it. All Abt toning and fine-tuning R body.mes training hours a day. Re fm an hours 2 hours and 15 minutes, the break and per nutrition and hit another rkout. Reporter: I met up with her trainer giveer rou a shot. Work. Work. No crutches or dubells rather resistance for long, lean trip ceps. A lotf people are traditionally afraid because if I do bicep curls I G big bulky arms ahat a is no. Reporter: Focusing on her core W a Serie of strengthening squats. Two toeeets of te I would say two to three sets is good. The next day or the day after yoeel some sort of like delayed onset muscleoreness and it will discourage you from doing your program anymore. ?????? Rorter: But it’s boxing. I want red carpet airrms a e-two punches tt trims her is Jab, and two. Repr: Before I Myes, onetcise. Turn that waist.unk. Eporter:or ” morning America,” Abbie Boudreau, ABC nelos Angele A our thanks to Abbie for that. Let’s

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