Fortnite: Where to search for battle stars between oasis, rock archway and dinosaurs

Epic Games released the Week 2 challenge list on yesterday, giving fans seven new tasks to work through on the Battle Pass.

The Week 2 challenges are slightly more difficult than usual, tasking players with securing eliminations in Paradise Palms, scoring baskets across the map and searching for Battle Stars hidden across the landscape. 

A particularly challenges task is to “Search between an oasis, rock archway and dinosaurs”. 

The challenge focuses on the newly created desert area in the south-east corner of the map and fans are finding it tough to find all the Battle Stars. explains how to find the Battle Stars between oasis, rock archway and dinosaurs. 

When you jump out of the Battle Bus, you will need to immediately head to Paradise Palms, aiming roughly where the prison used to be in the south-east corner of the map. 

It will be helpful if you aim for a specific place on the map –  such as a small mountain located just to the north of the road.


The first Battle Star is on the side of this mountain, between a cactus and the side of the mountain, just below the bridge that crosses the river. 

You will know you are in the right place because you will be able to see the dinosaurs just to the south-east of this location, the rock archway to the north-east and the oasis to the west. 

Nestled just to the northeast corner of the mountain, your glowing Battle Star reward will be waiting. 

Click through the gallery in this story to see exactly where to find it on the Battle Royale map.

It is worth noting that dropping here will be extremely busy so expect company for the first few days as you complete this challenge. 

Completing Fortnite search between an oasis, rock archway and dinosaurs will net players a reward of 10 Battle Stars.

Remember, once you pick up the Battle Star you can’t quit your game for it to register.

It is handy the Battle Star is so close to Paradise Palms, as another Week 2 challenge requires you to secure eliminations in the area, so head over there once you have found the Star.