FCC will now take your comments on whether T-Mobile and Sprint should merge – CNET

CEOs Of Sprint And T-Mobile

T-Mobile CEO John Legere and Sprint Executive Chairman Marcelo Claure.

Alex Wong/Getty Images

If you have burning thoughts about the T-Mobile and Sprint merger, now’s your chance to voice them. 

The FCC is accepting petitions from now until Aug. 27 to deny the $26 billion merger, the commission said Wednesday. Those petitions as well as less formal comments can be submitted on the FCC’s docket page

Oppositions to the petitions are due by Sept. 17. Replies to those pleadings have to be filed by Oct. 9. 

Petitions to deny a merger are often submitted by advocacy groups and competitors, but they’re open to the public. 

T-Mobile and Sprint have long looked at a potential collaboration, given that rivals Verizon and AT&T are much bigger companies, and a merger would help level the playing field. T-Mobile and Sprint considered striking a deal in 2014, but regulators and the White House weren’t on board. The Trump administration and the FCC have been more open to deals, and in April the companies finally announced they’d merge.