British man in critical condition after falling from balcony in Ibiza

The 24-year-old victim fell from the second floor in the municipality of Sant Josep, which is located in the resort of Platja d’en Bossa.

According to emergency services, the incident occurred at 12:10am on Tursday when the man fell from a private home and into a restaurant below.

An ambulance and local police were called to the scene and the victim was transferred to the Vilas Clinic, where he is described as being in a critical condition with multiple trauma.

This was followed by a similar case in the early hours of Friday morning, when a 23-year-old man suffered multiple bone fractures after also falling from a second floor balcony on the island.

The incident occurred at around 5:45am in the tourist area of Es Pujols, Fomentera located in northern Ibiza.

In addition to his multiple injuries, the man suffered a facial fracture.

An ambulance took him to the hospital in the town and was then transferred to Can Misses in Ibiza.

These are the latest falls from balconies at tourist locations in the Balearic Islands.

So far this year, seven people have died from such circumstances in Mallorca.

‘Balconing’ is a trend that has unfortunately grown over recent years, resulting in holidaymakers suffering serious injuries or in the most fatal cases, death.

It is a phrase used by the Spanish press to describe the act of jumping into a swimming pool from a balcony or falling from a height while climbing from one balcony to the other.

Earlier this week, three British holidaymakers in Magaluf were fined £600 each by Spanish authoritiesafter jumping from one hotel balcony to the other.

Ibiza, which is known for its large number of world-renowned nightclubs that attract thousands of British visitors each year, has seen a steady rise in tourism over recent years.

Last year, Ibiza received 3,236,360 tourists, of which more than 750,000 Brits visited the party island.

This compared to 3,061,895 tourists that visited in 2016.

Additional reporting by Maria Ortega.