Fortnite down: Servers offline as Epic hunt for issues on PS4 and Xbox One

Having launched season 5 too much fanfare, Epic Games have been forced to take Fortnite servers down.

According to the latest from the development and support teams, this has been done so they can find the root of the current issues.

“We’re taking servers down to further investigate the root cause, we’ll keep you updated on the status as we dig in,” message from Epic Games reads.

“We’re aware of and actively investigating an issue impacting multiple game services.”

Unfortunately, unlike the scheduled downtime earlier this week, Epic Games have not provided an ETA on when servers will be online.

Reports of server issues have started to drop, so there’s a chance things will be turning around very soon.

It’s quite a confusing night for Fortnite gamers as some are still able to queue to join games.

This leaves players trying to enter servers for a very long time, without any guidance on the current issues.

Luckily for everyone, Epic Games has confirmed that further updates on the situation will be made.

There’s a good chance that tonight’s problems have been caused by a lot of people downloading the game.

A significant spike in traffic for the servers are also likely as players look to see what has changed and maybe start a new battle pass.

Fortnite season 5 launched today, so there was always a chance of disruption like this during peak gaming times.

It should also be noted that there is a separate problem currently affecting the PlayStation Network on PS4.

This might also be stopping some players accessing Fortnite Battle Royale.