Super Smash Bros Nintendo Switch release date NEWS: Will release be inspired by Overwatch?

Super Smash Bros’ release date could coincide with the launch of the Online Service in September.

Likewise, the upcoming Nintendo brawler may take inspirtation from Overwatch in how it delivers new content.

That’s according to the panel on IGN‘s Nintendo Voice Chat podcast, which has been discussing the new game on Switch.

The hosts of the podcast believe that Smash Bros would be the perfect game to launch alongside the new Online Service.

It’s also argued that Smash Bros could launch with a smaller roster, and then add characters, modes and maps in a similar way to Overwatch.

As an incentive to subscribe to the online service, it’s suggested that members would receive new characters for free when they’re released.

The Games as a Service model would also keep fans interested over a longer period of time.

The other source of contention is whether or not Smash Bros will be a remake of the Wii U version or a full blown sequel.

The hosts suggest that Super Smash Bros may borrow assets from the Wii U version, but will ultimately be a new game.

The Wii U version released all the way back in 2014, so the company has had plenty of time to work on something.

The appearance of the Splatoon Inklings in the Smash Bros announcement trailer also suggests that this is a new version.

The news comes as Nintendo Switch fans discover the first hint of a shock Switch follow up.

According to SwitchBrew reports, the recent Nintendo Switch 5.0 update added support for a new Tegra chip.

The Nintendo Switch currently uses the Tegra 210 CPU, although the updated added support for the Tegra 214 unit.

It’s possible Nintendo is planning a small hardware revision to combat hackers, but it could mean Nintendo is experimenting with a follow up, or perhaps even a Nintendo Switch Mini.