North Korea WARNING: Victim says Kim Jong-un most dangerous leader in hermit state HISTORY

The tubby tyrant intent on becoming a nuclear state is a bigger threat to the world than Kim Jong-il and Kim il-Sung due to his inexperience and the pressure put on him by his starving country. 

A 28-year-old defector told the despot’s desperation and eagerness to press the nuclear button should not be underestimated. 

But the proposed meeting between Mr Trump and Kim was a chance for the North Korea dictator to be put in his place, he said.

The defector, who asked to be identified using the pseudonym John Choi, said, when asked where Kim ranked in terms of North Korea’s bloody three-generation dynasty, John said: “Kim Jong-un is more dangerous. 

“He is more dangerous because he is a young man and when people have experience they think about things more but a young man will just act.

“He will want to finish the war his grandfather started and for North Korea to rule the whole peninsula.”

Kim has already displayed a blood-thirsty streak which had set alarm bells ringing from Seoul to Washington, he added. 

He said: “Kim Jong-un is reckless and dangerous. He has demonstrated his violence by killing his uncle, his brother and military generals after he took power. 

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“It was his own family! But he assassinated them.”

He said he hoped talks between Kim and Mr Trump would lead to denuclearisation on the peninsula and an end to horrific human rights abuses. 

As well as reducing the threat of a global nuclear war, the financial savings which would occur as a result of winding down North Korea’s military programme could help feed Kim’s starving nation. 

John, who spoke to through the anti-Christian persecution charity Open Doors, said: “I hope that denuclearisation will happen. Each nuclear weapon costs $800 million.

This will feed the 25 million people in North Korea for 2 years. 

“This meeting will offer Kim Jong-un a way to solve some of the problems he is facing.I hope Trump brings up the question of human rights and the appalling suffering in North Korea for people like Christians. 

“There are over 200,000 prisoners amongst whom are 70,000 are Christians. They are all suffering and dying in horrendous North Korean prison camps.”