Annihilation on Netflix: Is the ending ‘too WEIRD’? Director Alex Garland speaks out

The Natalie Portman-starring thriller has made its way directly to Netflix – skipping cinemas altogether.

In fact, the US is the only country where the film was given a theatrical release, with execs fearing the production is too unconventional to perform well with a wide audience.

Speaking to The Times, Garland recounted his experiences of being told that the ending of the movie was “too weird”.

David Ellison reportedly called Annihilation “too intellectual”, with Garland recalling: “Broadly speaking, he said the last third was too weird.

“The dance sequence was too long. ‘Can you make the lead character more relatable by removing some self-destructive behaviour?’ I couldn’t, as it would change the reason the film existed.

“The dance sequence is fundamental, so to make it into, literally, a punch-up would strip out all meaning.”

Garland refused to make any changes – and Annihilation was sold to Netflix for its non-US distribution.

After the likes of Suburbicon and Mother! all failed to perform last year, it is thought that Paramount were unwilling to take a similar risk.

This film, though, has fared much better with critics.

It has a ‘certified Fresh’ rating of 87% on Rotten Tomatoes, with 67% of audiences saying they liked it.

Annihilation is streaming on Netflix now.