PUBG news: Big Xbox One update as Bluehole unveil new map and 2018 roadmap details

Battlegrounds on Steam still proves to be one of the biggest games right now, even with its growing rivals.

While Fortnite goes from strength-to-strength, PUBG developers Bluehole Inc. have announced plans on both the Xbox One and PC.

The next few months of development on console will include improvements to optimizations, new content additions, as well as refinements to the overall console experience.

This is part of the official Spring Xbox PUBG Roadmap, which will see the development team transition to a longer 2-3 week cycle in-between patches.

One of the big announcements for fans on consoles is that the new Miramar map is scheduled for release in early Spring.

This will be launching with an array of new updates, which are set to improve the game’s overall performance.

Bluehole Inc also want to release a version of test servers to the Xbox One, something that will no doubt please fans.

No official release date has been give for these changes, only that they will be arriving sometime in Spring.

A few other changes on the horizon includes:

Improve Inventory UX: We receive a ton of feedback around the usability of the title, particularly when it comes to navigating the inventory UI. PUBG is a complicated game to control, and when you factor the risk versus reward of inventory management in high pressure situations, the interface must be intuitive and responsive. We are working towards that goal, and we have some changes coming that we hope will allow players to action the decisions they want to make, faster.

Improvements to Console Controller Options: We will be providing additional preset configurations to choose from as well as exposing a wider set of aiming options, providing players more freedom to create a controller experience that feels satisfying and empowering.

Improvements to game matchmaking: To support a fair and competitive environment, we plan to further improve matchmaking for Duo and Squad modes.

Console Player Reporting Features: We are hoping to streamline reporting by adding in-game tools that will empower players to more quickly submit instances of unsporting behavior (Solo Teaming, Team Killing etc).

Updates to Vehicle Penetration: To promote a greater sense of realism, we will be applying bullet penetration to our vehicle system. Our current model can be viewed as a vehicles body having a life bar that must be reduced before the driver can be damaged. When our update is released, players that are skillful with their shots, can pierce vehicle doors and panels, damaging enemy players and ensuring that threat is constant even for those behind the wheel.

The PC roadmap is a lot further ahead and includes plans for two new maps.

Bluehole started off by telling fans they are planning to launch new Experimental Test Servers so they can get fan feedback on feature/content development cycle sooner.

This is all part of a big expansion plan, which will see major content delivery cycle put in place that launches something new every two months.

The first of these big updates is planned for this month. Each of these major updates will bring changes to specific systems and/or introduce new content.

It should also be noted that smaller updates between the major ones will also continue throughout the year.

There also planning to upgrade the game’s visuals, with new aesthetics being worked on by the art team.

Some of these can be found in the new PUBG gallery below.

Speaking of the new experimental servers, Bluehole say that one of the first new things getting tested will be a map.


The new PUBG map will be 4x4km and offer some much tighter gameplay than seen in the original sprawling level.

“It will offer a higher player density and shorter matches and we want to get it into your hands early this time around so we can use your input to make it a great experience for everyone.

This will be followed by another new map, which will be twice the size of the one mentioned above.

“Another new map that we’re working on is planned to be 8x8km in size. As with the smaller map coming to the Experimental Test Servers, we want to get this into your hands early in its development, so you can help us make the gameplay great on this new map.”