Winds of Winter: George RR Martin confirms THIS plot teaser for next Game of Thrones book

The next instalment in the A Song of Ice and Fire series, which inspired the Game of Thrones TV show, is currently in the works – and details on everything, including the release date, have been sparse.

But as far as story teasers go, Martin has said that he is very unlikely to revisit – or reveal more about – Sothoryos in the next book, or the series finale.

“Probably not,” he said in a video shared to YouTube by the account Aegon the Conqueror.

“I mean, maybe an occasional cryptic sentence here and there.”

Sothoryos is one of the four continents in the ASOIAF universe; to the southeast of Westeros.

It hasn’t featured a great deal in the series, although in A Dance with Dragons some men from the continent’s jungles were among those who battled in Daznak’s Pit in Meereen.

The Winds of Winter is still a long way off release, by all accounts, but at least it seems progress is definitely being made.

Earlier this week Martin confirmed he is stepping back from his blog  in order to focus on his multitude of projects.

“All’s good, boys and girls… lots of exciting things going on,” he wrote. “LOTS of exciting things.

“Maybe too many. I am buried in work, so much that it is starting to overwhelm me. Even with my army of loyal minions.

“So I am going to step back from blogging — okay, from NOT-a-blogging — for a while, till I get a few of these monkeys off my back.”

The final season of Game of Thrones, meanwhile, is out next year.