The END of the left? Philosopher explains why Italian election is BAD NEWS for lefties

The marked the end of the centre-left government as the eurosceptic centre-right coalition headed by the Lega and the Five Star Movement (M5S) came out victorious at the polls.

Experts suggest the latest European election could kickstart the end of the project.

But philosopher Slavoj Zizek claimed Italians that in addition to dealing a blow to the EU – Italy being one of its founding members – the Italian election rings an alarm bell for the European left.

Mr Zizek said: “The radical left proved it’s inability in Greece where the Syriza Government ended up as the most faithful enabler of austerity politics.

“The latest election results in Italy, as well as the fragile coalition in Germany, also demonstrate that the moderate social-democratic left is just gradually flattening.”

The Italian centre-right secured 37 percent of the vote while the M5S became the largest single party in the country as it soared over 30 percent.

Mr Zizek added that the rise of populism in Europe was a result of the “left’s failures” to present viable plans for the future to voters.

Speaking to BBC This Week, he continued: “A new opposition is replacing the traditional polarity of moderate left and moderate right. It’s the opposition between the liberal establishment and the rightist populism as a reaction to it.”

Lega leader Matteo Salvini fell in line with Mr Zizak’s predictions as he mocked the defeated centre-left Democratic Party (DC) and its leader Matteo Renzi after the incumbent government crashed at the polls.

The PD lost more than 10 percentage points at the polls, failing to secure the numbers needed to form a majority government in Italy.

Mr Salvini, who throughout the campaign exchanged verbal blows with Mr Renzi, took a dig at the former Prime Minister as the Lega leader congratulated his party members for the “extraordinary victory”.

He said: “I won’t comment on the debacles of others. Matteo Renzi and his party’s arrogance was punished. I can’t wait to start.”