Does Melania Trump have siblings? First Lady’s little known sister and brother revealed

Melania Trump and Donald Trump have been married since 2005, and have one 11-year-old son together, Barron Trump.

The couple live in Washington at the White House, and prior to Donald’s election lived in Trump Tower in New York City.

Wife of the US president, Melania is originally Slovenian, although she has US citizenship now.

Who are Melania Trump’s family, and does she have brothers and sisters?

Melania Trump does have a brother and sister, althought both of them are little known to the public.

The famously private First Lady has an older sister, Ines Knauss, 49, who lived a street away from Melania when she lived in New York. 

Melania’s sister shares her dark hair and good looks. However, while Melania’s eyes are blue, Ines has dark eyes.

Ines was last photographed over ten years ago at a Valentino Fashion Luncheon benefitting Boy’s Club of New York at Mar-a-Lago February 4, 2005.

Melania Trump also has a half brother, Denis Cigelnjak, although according to reports she has never met him.

The Daily Mail reported on May 11 2016 that Cigneljak, who is in his early 50s, lives in a town named Hrastnick near the capital of Slovenia.

He has a daughter, who is eight, named Mini, meaning Melania has a long-lost niece.

The 50-year-old, who shares his father with Melania, grew up seperatly from his half sisters.

Melania’s mother and father are Amalija Knavs and Viktor Knavs.

They were pictured visiting their daughter and son-in-law in June, 2017.

Where was Melania Trump born? Melania was born on April 2016, 1970, Novo Mesto is a city near the Krka River, close to the border with Croatia.

It was a military base in the 15th Century, and suffered the plague in 1599.

Industries in the town include a hydroelectric power plant as well as textile, automobile, and chemical-pharmaceuticals.

Melania’s parents both worked in these industries. Her father worked for a vehicle manufacturer, while her mother worked as a patternmaker.